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Letter 4: Swimming

To A.

When I was a child my parents signed me up for swimming class. I learned the strokes quickly, but when it came time to test--I purposely failed. I was too insecure to move on my own to a different group away from my friends. Looking back at the matter as an adult, change implies that we are ready to move on to the deeper side of the swimming pool. Somebody comes and says, "Hey, it is time to do things differently." We must accept and pass a test when offered it. And so we get out of the pool and walk to the ladder on the other side. We step in where the water is deeper, the swimmers fewer, and the lifeguards freer. The view from the ladder is one of being nearly alone. And from this new perspective--the expansiveness of the "blue" in my mind matching the expansiveness of the "blue" in the water--we begin swimming.

As ever, D.

(Photo by Enis Yavuz on Unsplash)


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