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Theosophical Visions
     H.P. Blavatsky's The Secret Doctrine (1888) is a difficult book. She presented it in a skeleton form so no one could tell its complete story. But, being incomplete, it invites us to contribute to that story. To TRY to tell even a little more of the story is a daunting lifetime task. In line with H.P. Blavatsky's admonition that "the human heart has not yet fully uttered itself," this commentary on the two volumes of The Secret Doctrine seeks to expand the boundaries of theosophical understanding. It offers new possibilities of interpretation. 
     In "Cosmogenesis," this commentary breaks new ground in the following ways: 1) It explores the universe from a ten-fold perspective rather than a seven-fold perspective 2) It equates the immaculate white disk, the dull black ground, and the central point with the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Logos in the ten-fold universe 3) It sets up the 3rd Logos as a second "One" over a seven-fold secondary universe 4) It establishes the Life of Brahma as this 3rd Logos within a Great Age in terms of his personal life lived through the solar systems 5) It examines the Central Suns, the Polar Suns, and the Equatorial Suns as the higher principles of this Brahma during a 311 trillion-year Maha-Manvantara. 
     In "Anthropogenesis," this commentary breaks new ground in the following ways: 1) It distinguishes the flow of primordial forces from the Central Sun into humanity through the minor forces of the Solar Sun and the sub-forces of the planetary chains 2) It traces the development of the Third Root-Race through its Sub-Races 3) It posits the separation of the sexes in human evolution prior to 18 million years ago 4) It connects the sui generis moment of the Fifth Root-Race over a million years ago with the birth of its 3rd Sub-Race 5) It delineates the smaller branches of Family, National, and Tribal Races in recent history.
     Fortunately, no one travels the theosophical Path alone. We get to choose who we bring along with us in the daily initiations of life. The selection of excerpts in "Letters" shows the words between friends on the journey. 
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