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Letter 22: The Spaceship

To A.

Henry Miller was a famous writer who brought a new kind of "gritty"to American literature. I always appreciated his notion that even the most beautiful lotus flower has its roots in the soil. We are all blushing monks because we all grow from the mud in order to bloom. Miller turned to theosophy and discovered that "every man has his own way of being himself and of saying it so ultimately that he can't be denied." I cannot be as some other man would like me to be. I cannot write as some other men would prefer. His colleague Anais Nin realized that "some people have minds like spaceships or jet planes, and nothing can keep them from soaring into unexplored regions. Art comes to give us altitude." Theosophy is as much an art to sweep us into that altitude as any science, religion, or philosophy.

As ever, D.

(Photo by SpaceX on Unsplash)


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