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Letter 1: Cosmic Mission

To A.

No one needs to read The Secret Doctrine before becoming a theosophist. In fact, even the leaders don't need to read it before becoming Leader. The Masters and the Planetary Spirits are in touch with the leaders long before they have even picked up a book and we, to the degree we are connected with these leaders, are as well. What is important is that we are giving a place in our lives for their hearts to beat. Theosophy was given to mankind "incomplete." This gives each person the opportunity to fill the "gaps" and become a co-creator in what Theosophy is. Theosophy is organic and living; it is a Being trying to fulfill itself through the way each one of us grows. As Grace F. Knoche said, we are each on a Cosmic mission helping that part of this Being to bring itself into a greater flowering.

As ever, D.

(Photo by Andrew Dunstan on Unsplash)


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