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Volume 2:778-798

In Chapter VII, H.P. Blavatsky closed with the theme of "CYCLIC LAW."

  1. (Chapter VII). SCIENTIFIC AND GEOLOGICAL PROOFS OF THE EXISTENCE OF SEVERAL SUBMERGED CONTINENTS: In accord with H.P. Blavatsky's closure of the second volume on "Anthropogenesis" with the theme of "CYCLIC LAW" in The Secret Doctrine 2:766, this commentary wishes to provide a final example for how this "CYCLIC LAW" operates in human history. The Ruta, Daitya, and Poseidonis cataclysms were primarily Atlantean cyclic events of the 7th Sub-Race of the Fourth Root-Race, though the 1st Sub-Race of the Fifth Root-Race had blended into the 3rd Sub-Race by this time. But with the conclusion of "Anthropogenesis" the Fifth Root-Race was in full swing with the 3rd and 4th Family Races of the 4th Sub-Race, thereby signaling its own looming geological disasters. In Collected Writings 5:259, "We are at the end of a cycle--geological and other--and at the beginning of another. Cataclysm is to follow cataclysm." Further, "Pent-up forces are bursting out in many quarters," and "not only will men be swallowed up or slain by thousands" but "new lands" will appear and "old subside." In The Secret Doctrine 2:332, H.P. Blavatsky confided that the Egyptians possessed records that "embraced more than three-and-a-half sidereal years--or about 87,000 years" and the Hindu-Aryans possessed records that covered "nearly thirty-three such years, or 850,000 years." The difference in the length of the records is because the Hindu-Aryan chronology related to the history of a Sub-Race whereas the Egyptian chronology related to the history of a Family Race. The 3rd Sub-Race of the Fifth Root-Race (dating back 850,000 years) renewed itself in the 3rd Family Race of the 4th Sub-Race of the Fifth Root-Race (dating back 87,000 years). Each one of the three sidereal cycles of 25,920 years loosely correlated to one of the first three National Races of the Indo-European Family Race. We know it is the Indo-European Family Race because H.P. Blavatsky alluded to the development of the "fair Brahmins" from "the North" invading India "with its dark-coloured Dravidians" and then connected this invasion with the position of the Pole Star some "70,000 YEARS" ago, per The Secret Doctrine 2:768. These "dark-coloured Dravidians" belonged to the 4th and 5th Family Races of the Hindu-Aryan 3rd Sub-Race. They also belonged to the Indo-European 3rd Family Race of the 4th Sub-Race. Their descendants migrated into Africa to build the pyramids. As H.P. Blavatsky made clear in Collected Writings 4:447, the "ancient Egyptians themselves were not an Atlantic colony" though "free communication" between Atlantis and Egypt existed. These "fair Brahmins" belonged to the early National Races of the Indo-European 3rd Family Race. Evolution proceeded through the three sidereal cycles until the 4th National Race became sui generis some 9,000 years ago. In The Ocean of Theosophy on page 136, William Q. Judge stated that "the last sidereal year ended about 9,868 years ago, at which time there must have been on this earth a violent convulsion or series of such, as well as distributions of nations." The significance of Judge's statement is that it demonstrates how sidereal cycles and racial cycles do not necessarily align in terms of their ultimate beginnings. The current sidereal cycle began 9,868 years ago (3 x 25,920 + 9,868 = approximately 87,000 years), but this date only overlaps with the sui generis inception of the 4th National Race. The 4th National Race in its earliest origins commenced before its corresponding 4th sidereal cycle. The Indo-European Family Race entered its Kali-Yuga with the growth of the 4th National Race and the 4th National Race underwent its own small series of mid-point cataclysms (4th Tribal Race) with the volcanic explosions of Thera in 1600 BC and Vesuvius in 79 AD, but this does not mean that the sidereal year reached its chronological mid-point simultaneously in terms of time. In fact, we may still be 500 to 2500 years away from the sidereal mid-point; however, this is not surprising. For example, G. de Purucker hinted in Dialogues 1:56 that in terms of chronological time the 6th Sub-Race can be considered the middle point of the Fifth Root-Race since the Sixth Root-Race "originates" at this juncture. By inference, the 5th Tribal Race can be considered the middle point of the 4th National Race since the 5th National Race "originates" at this juncture. Therefore, it is not unexpected that the 3rd Family Race, 4th National Race might hit its chronological mid-point of approximately 90,000 years in the final Tribal Generations of the 5th Tribal Race as opposed to the 4th Tribal Race. Regardless, the 4th National Race launched its 5th Germanic Tribal Race with Thera and Vesuvius. In the future over the next six to eight thousands years, the 5th Germanic Tribal Race will establish the 6th and 7th Tribal Races. Though the seven Tribal Races of the 4th National Race will be complete, the sidereal cycle will still have another eight to nine thousands years before it concludes. This is why G. de Purucker wrote in Fountain-Source on page 164 that the "European subraces or family race perhaps has been steadily rising [ed. 5th Germanic Tribal Race] since the downfall of the Roman Empire, and will continue to do so, with various smaller shocks and falls and risings again, for some six or seven or possibly eight thousand years more [ed. 6th and 7th Tribal Races]." Subsequently, there "will be a rapid descent until its [ed. Indo-European Family Race] kali-yuga is reached." This lowest point of the Kali-Yuga belongs to the Indo-European Family Race since it occurs at the end of the 7th Tribal Race of the 4th National Race. From this perspective, the 4th National Race is finished, but the sidereal year is not. When the sidereal year ends some 16,000 years from now, then "most of France will be under the water, also Holland, some of Spain, a good deal of Italy, and other places. Of course, all this won't take place in a night, for there will be premonitory signs, such as slow sinking off the coast, great earthquakes, etc." So, the reason that geological cataclysms extend through "premonitory" stages of sequential catastrophes is because the beginnings, middles, and ends of National Races and their sidereal cycles do not occur in precise unison. The beginnings, middles, and endings are all staggered. One cannot calculate the 1st Tribal Race of a National Race with the starting point of a sidereal cycle, nor can one calculate the 7th Tribal Race of a National Race with the ending point of a sidereal cycle--except in a general way. This is because there are additional Tribal Races before the 1st and beyond the 7th that are also part of the sidereal cycle. "CYCLIC LAW" is a machine of sorts, but it is an organic machine.


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