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Volume 2:690-730

In Chapter IV, H.P. Blavatsky predicted that man's antiquity would be proved in the early 20th century.

  1. (Chapter IV). DURATION OF THE GEOLOGICAL PERIODS, RACE CYCLES, AND THE ANTIQUITY OF MAN: In The Secret Doctrine 2:690, H.P. Blavatsky wrote, "And it is said in well-informed quarters that the XXth century will be yet in its earliest teens, when such undeniable proof of Man's priority will be forthcoming." But the proof wasn't forthcoming, or was it? In his 2014 book, The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America, Richard J. Dewhurst suggested that the proof was forthcoming, but that the scientists of those days either hid or destroyed it. He placed the blame on John Wesley Powell who headed up the Bureau of Ethnology in 1879 and held the directorate post until his death in 1902. Perhaps Powell could not handle the fact that Native American Indians had advanced civilizations ruled by a giant human race. Supposedly, the Bureau of Ethnology and the Smithsonian Institute collaborated in suppressing evidence from unusual Native American archaeological sites. While this may or may not be true, the question remains: what happened to all the bodies? In the 19th and 20th centuries when archaeologists excavated Native American burial grounds, they unearthed hundreds of skeletal remains of over-sized humans and transported them to various museums in the United States where they disappeared. Newspapers across the country catalogued scores of these discoveries that later vanished off the map of history. Clearly, scientists tampered with the evidence regarding early mankind. This list represents just a few of Dewhurst's listings of catalogued discoveries including media source, date, and height of the deceased:

  • Evening Telegraph, September 15, 1870: Arkansas giants, 8 to 10 feet tall.

  • The History of Winona County, 1883: Minnesota giant, 10 feet tall.

  • New York Times, May 5, 1885: Ohio giants, four bodies between 7 and 8 feet tall.

  • Stevens Point Daily Journal, May 1, 1886: Ohio giant, 9 feet tall.

  • Daily Northwestern, July 8, 1886: Kentucky giant, 7 feet, 2 inches tall.

  • Cincinnati Commercial, October 7, 1888: Indiana giant, 6 feet, 9 inches tall.

  • Chicago Tribune, 1892: Illinois giants, dozens of bodies between 7 and 8 feet tall.

  • Baltimore American, November 15, 1897: Maryland giants, 7 feet tall.

  • Ohio Science Annual, 1898: Ohio giant, 8 feet, 7 inches tall.

  • Fond Du Lac Banner, June 6, 1899: St. Cloud giant, 7 feet tall.

  • Portsmouth Herald, August 17, 1899: New Hampshire giant, 9 feet tall.

  • Ohio Morning Sun News Herald, April 14, 1904: Ohio giant, 8 feet tall.

  • New North Wisconsin, July 23, 1908: Wisconsin giant, 8 feet tall.

  • Oakland Tribune, July 25, 1911: California giant, 7 feet tall.

  • Monroe County Mail, June 18, 1914: Crowville giants, 12 feet tall.

  • El Paso Herald, April 19, 1915: Arizona giant, 8 feet tall.

  • Charleston Daily Mail, September 20, 1916: Pennsylvania giants, dozens of bodies over 7 feet tall.

  • Philadelphia Inquirer, November 22, 1920: Pennsylvania giant, 8 to 9 feet tall.

  • Oakland Tribune, December 20, 1925: Iowa giant, 7 feet, 6 inches tall.

  • Oakland Tribune, January 3, 1926: Missouri giant, 7 feet, 2 inches tall.

While "Science" didn't commit the murders, it did hide the bodies.


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(Photo by Marcus Winkler on Unsplash)


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