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Volume 2:536-641

This section of the commentary completes the second part of "Anthropogenesis" with four more definitions on the main symbols in "World-Religions."

  1. (Chapter XXII). THE SYMBOLISM OF THE MYSTERY NAMES IAO AND JEHOVAH, WITH THEIR RELATION TO THE CROSS AND CIRCLE: Iao represents the "genius of the moon," per The Secret Doctrine 2:538. The Moon is a dual symbol. When under the lower influence of Saturn, it serves as the home of Ilda-Baoth (Kama). When under the higher influence of Venus, Mercury, and the Solar Sun, it serves as the home of Dionysus (Higher Manas, Buddhi, and Atman per G. de Purucker's Dialogues 1:34). In terms of numbers, Dionysus epitomizes Spirit or 7 whereas Ilda-Baoth epitomizes Matter or 4. The "CROSS AND CIRCLE" signifies the complete 7 expressing and ultimately crucifying its passions in the incomplete 4 through the descent of the upper 3. When the aspirant travels to the portals of the Solar Sun, he drops his lunar body into the kama-rupic atmosphere of the Moon. Darkness surrounds it. He continues, dropping his Higher Manas and Buddhi on the journey to the Solar Sun. When he returns from the portals of the Solar Sun, his lunar body explodes with light when it re-assumes the consciousness of the upper triadic influence. This is Iao. He is the manifest deity, though connected to the hidden deity as the "CIRCLE" bisected across its diameter beyond the seven heavens. Using the analogy of Pseudo-Dionysius in The Divine Names in Verse 680, the diameter across the Circle is like a "great shining chain hanging downward from the heights of heaven to the world below. We grab hold of it with one hand and then another, and we seem to be pulling it down toward us. Actually, it is already there on the heights and down below [ed. since Father-Mother is also dual] and instead of pulling it to us we are being lifted up to that brilliance above, to the dazzling light of those beams."

  2. (Chapter XXIII). THE UPANISHADS IN GNOSTIC LITERATURE: In The Secret Doctrine 2:564, the Upanishads and Gnostic literature express the relationship of the sacred planets, the Solar Suns, and the Central Sun through the idea of "forty-nine powers" or "forty-nine fires." Our Solar Sun possesses seven fires which it gifts to the seven sacred planets as 7 x 7 = 49. These seven fires are imbued into our Sun from the seven Solar Suns in a universal solar system revolving around the Central Sun as 7 cubed. In The Secret Doctrine 1:36, the "secret calculations" constitute a mixture of "multiples" and "powers." In The Divine Names in Verse 693, Pseudo-Dionysius explained, "Think of how it is with our sun. It exercises no rational process, no act of choice, and yet by the very fact of its existence it gives light to whatever is able to partake of its light [ed. the seven sacred planets], in its own way. So it is with the Good [ed. the Central Sun]. Existing far above the sun, an archetype far superior to its dull image, it sends the rays of its undivided goodness with the capacity, such as this may be, to receive it."

  3. (Chapter XXIV). THE CROSS AND THE PYTHAGOREAN DECADE: The Pythagorean Decade, or the 1 and the 0 where the 1 bisects the 0 horizontally, is the "symbol of Deity, of the Universe, and of man," per The Secret Doctrine 2:581. At the end of the Maha-Manvantara, Father-Mother (10) still exists because the potential point vibrates in the Maha-Pralaya. The "CROSS AND THE CIRCLE" in The Secret Doctrine 2:586 signifies the descent of Iao as the 3rd Logos from the "PYTHAGOREAN DECADE" through "Fohat" spread within the 7th cosmical principle which crosses "the Circle like two lines of flame (horizontally and vertically)" which awakens the "Blessed Ones" to send their representatives into the planes and planets to watch over mankind. As Pseudo-Dionysius outlined in The Divine Names in Verses 704-705, "The divine intelligences are said to move as follows. First, they move in a circle [ed. the 0] while they are at one with those illuminations which, without beginning and without end, emerge from the Good and the Beautiful. Then they move in a straight line [ed. the 1] when, out of Providence, they come to offer unerring guidance to all those below them. Finally they move in a spiral [ed. Fohat], for even while they are providing for those beneath them they continue to remain what they are and they turn unceasingly around the Beautiful and the Good from which all identity comes." In Isis Unveiled 1:282, Fohat spirals as the "radiant light of the universal magnetic ocean, whose electric waves bind the cosmos together, and in their ceaseless motion penetrate every atom and molecule of the boundless creation."

  4. (Chapter XXV). THE MYSTERIES OF THE HEBDOMAD: The Hebdomad, or the 7, must resolve itself into unity, which is 10. In The Secret Doctrine 1:36, H.P. Blavatsky wrote that "the number seven" is the "great number of the Divine Mysteries" whereas the "number ten" is that of "all human knowledge." G. de Purucker confirmed in Studies on page 3 that "7 is the key-note of our Earth; 10 of the solar system." In The Secret Doctrine 2:603, "IAO" (the Dionysian 7) must join with "SABAOTH" to become the "ten-lettered God." She continued, "All the ancient Cosmologies--the oldest Cosmographies of the two most ancient people of the Fifth Root Race, the Hindu Aryans and the Egyptians, adding to them the early Chinese races (the remnants of the Fourth or Atlantean Race)--based the whole of their mysteries on number 10: the higher triangle standing for the invisible and metaphysical world, the lower three and four, or the Septenate, for the physical realm." The lower "three and four" belong to the Mundane Egg ruled over by Paramatman as the 7th cosmical principle. It is a secondary universe. But the primary universe is ruled over by the immaculate white disk as the 10th cosmical principle. In comparison to Paramatman, this is the true Monad, the real source of unity. In The Divine Names in Verse 589, "And so all these scriptural utterances celebrate the supreme Deity by describing it as a monad or henad, because of its supernatural simplicity and indivisible unity, by which unifying power we are led to unity. We, in the diversity of what we are, are drawn together by it and are led into a godlike oneness, into a unity reflecting God."


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