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Volume 2:506-535

Here, three more definitions are provided for the main symbols in the second part of "Anthropogenesis."

  1. (Chapter XIX). IS PLEROMA SATAN'S LAIR?: In The Secret Doctrine 2:511, the Pleroma is the "vehicle of Light." From one perspective, the "Light" is the immaculate white disk as Parabrahman and its vehicle is the dark hazy background of Mulaprakriti, "God is light and Satan is the necessary darkness or shadow to set it off, without which pure light would be invisible and incomprehensible." These two halves comprise the One Principle. Regarding Satan's origin, the French author M. Jules Baissac wrote, "It was necessary to avoid seeming to sanction the dogma of a dual principle by making this creative Satan into an actual power and, in order to explain the origin of evil, the theory of a divine authorization given by the mighty One was adduced," per The Secret Doctrine Index on page 428. This duality of the One Principle extends to the Solar Suns and the planets. Every "bright sun-god of antiquity" is a "glorious deity by day," but its own opponent and adversary by night." The Solar Sun spends half its existence in the Maha-Manvantara and half its existence in the Maha-Pralaya. The Pleroma of Satan's lair carries and discharges the seeds of the peregrinating monads. The active central point, as the 3rd Logos, breaks out of the static darkness in rebellion. Therefore, Venus, as the third planet, symbolizes Lucifer in his divine and terrestrial natures, just like the 3rd Logos which connects to the immaculate white disk above but also to the Mundane Egg below. In the 12th century AD Book of the Twenty-Four Philosophers in M. David Litwa's Hermetica II on page 321,"God is a monad giving birth to a monad mirroring back upon himself a singular brilliance." The begotten Monad that mirrors God to himself is the 3rd Logos.

  2. (Chapter XX). PROMETHEUS, THE TITAN: Having descended through the "Seven Circles," Prometheus is the "producer of fire" on Earth. Therefore, he can be spoken of in relation to any of mankind's key cycles. On the one hand, he represents a Titan of the 5th Sub-Race of the Third Root-Race who steals fire form Olympus, thereby foreshadowing the birth of the Fifth Root-Race. On the other hand, he represents the presentiments of the Sixth Root-Race in his assistance and foretelling of the wanderings of Io, a representative of this Fifth Root-Race in its 3rd Sub-Race. Prometheus is responsible for building and stoking the "forty-nine" solar fires in mankind (like Agni as the carrier of the "divine spark"), which is why he operates as the link between humanity and Dionysus as the 7th human principle.

  3. (Chapter XXI). ENOICHION-HENOCH: The name "Enoch" serves as a generic title for "Seer of the Open Eye." The inner eye opens when one is living the futurity of the Root-Race now. So, Enoch in the Third Root-Race embodies as a forerunner of the Fourth just as Noah in the Fourth Root-Race embodies as a forerunner of the Fifth. To be a forerunner in any racial cycle is to die to one's personality. In The Secret Doctrine 2:532, these initiates "disappear from the sight of men and die--on the terrestrial plane--even for themselves."


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(Photo by Holger Woizick on Unsplash)


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