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Volume 2:447-505

The second part of "Anthropogenesis" deals with the "Archaic Symbolism of the World-Religions." This commentary offers a succinct definition for each one of the main symbols that H.P. Blavatsky presented over a series of ten chapters.

  1. (Chapter XVI). ADAM-ADAMI: The Adam-Adami represents the yellow-red Third Root-Race that establishes the Fourth and Fifth Root-Races. Adam-Adami symbolizes the evolution of the manifest human races from the primal triad just as Adam Kadmon symbolizes the descent of the Great Breath as the primordial ternary into the manifest cosmic planes. Adam-Adami, as the third enumeration in a cycle and yet the first in a certain sense, connects the two aspects of the "dual Adam: of the paradigmic Adam-Kadmon, the creator, and the lower Adam, the terrestrial" in The Secret Doctrine 2:456.

  2. (Chapter XVII). THE 'HOLY OF HOLIES,' ITS DEGRADATION: The Holy of Holies is the ark or sarcophagus bisecting the sacred circle, thereby transforming it into the female goddess, Mulaprakriti, who receives the returning Monads from their peregrinations in the manifest cosmic planes. The Monads scatter into the darkened belly of the ark. The Solar Sun's ray disperses its seeds into the unlit night of Aditi as the "Sanctum Sanctorum" to re-become "the original spiritual Being, pre-natal MAN." Adam, as the individualized first "MAN" or the 3rd Logos, is the "Phallus in the ark, or Holy of Holies," per The Secret Doctrine 2:467 and 2:470. The initiate's consciousness penetrates the jet-blackness of the ark to reunite with his Father source. In The Secret Doctrine 2:463, he is IAO, or the Moon carrying the germ of himself into the "pillar and Circle" (10) as the "perfect number contained in the Tetractis" but also as a "pre-eminently phallic Number" in later archaic history.

  3. (Chapter XVIII). ON THE MYTH OF THE 'FALLEN ANGEL,' IN ITS VARIOUS ASPECTS: A "Fallen Angel" is nothing more than the figurative descent of the Higher Self to the Earth through the "Seven Circles" pertaining to either the seven sacred planets or the seven cosmic planes, per The Secret Doctrine 2:487-488. The Zoroastrian god Ahura-Mazda issues from the "boundless (circle of) Time," or the Great Breath flowing through the 1st and 3rd Logos to emerge into Paramatman at the head of the Mundane Egg. As a union of the central point and Paramatman breaking out of the "DARKNESS" of the 2nd Logos, Ahura-Mazda is the "King of Life." Ahriman is his "manifested shadow" in Alaya, per G. de Purucker's diagram in Fountain-Source on page 437. The world's creation in "six days or periods" is a reference to the lights of the central point and Paramatman falling into the manifest darkness of Alaya as the 6th cosmical principle. But the "Great Day" at the end of the Great Age (311 trillion years) frees those lights from the bonds of manifest darkness as Alaya folds in on itself to allow them to traverse beyond and into the inner spheres of the Kosmos through the immaculate white disk.


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(Photo by Igor Rodrigues on Unsplash)


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