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Volume 2:423-446

The Twelve Stanzas end with presentiments of the coming Sixth Root-Race. H.P. Blavatsky introduced the lead-up process through the "little tribes, shoots, and offshoots" that each endure for some "three to four thousand years (Tribal Races) as part of the 4th European National Race, per The Secret Doctrine 2:435. Closing her arguments in The Secret Doctrine 2:444-446, she pointed to the "Americans" who have "become in only three centuries a 'primary race,' pro tem., before becoming a race apart." That is, the 5th Germanic Tribal Race of the 4th European National Race separated out into the Americas pro tempore for a limited time in a junior cycle prior to "becoming a race apart" in the senior cycle of the 5th National Race. The "Americans" are the 5th National Race whereas the Europeans are the 4th National Race. She wrote of the "Americans" as the "germs of the Sixth sub-race." Naturally, the 5th National Race will be the "germs" of the 6th National Race. Further, she asserted that this 6th National Race "must succeed to the present European or fifth sub-race, in all its new characteristics." Initially, this seems contradictory since the European is the 4th National Race, but the idea becomes clear once one sees that the "fifth sub-race" (uncapitalized and unitalicized in contrast to the "Sixth") refers to the 5th Germanic Tribal Race. That is, the 6th Tribal Race which follows the 5th Tribal Race (as the "Europeans or fifth sub-race") will be the "germs" of the 6th National Race. Further, in "about 25,000 years," the "launch into preparations for the seventh sub-race" will begin. This "seventh sub-race" is the 7th National Race. Preparations for it will launch in the 6th Tribal Race of the 5th National Race. The 7th Tribal Race (arising at the mid-point of the 6th) within the 5th National Race will be the germs of the 7th National Race.

Turning her attention to geological cataclysms, H.P. Blavatsky emphasized the "first series" of cataclysms "which must one day destroy Europe." G. de Purucker also drew attention to this "first series" in Fountain-Source on pages 163-164. He suggested that the "European sub race or family race perhaps" (actually, the 4th European National Race) has been "steadily rising since the downfall of the Roman Empire." It is rising because it passed its mid-point and is in the 5th Tribal Race. Moreover, it "will continue to do so, with various smaller shocks and falls and risings again, for some six or seven or possibly eight thousand years more." Certainly, the 4th National Race still has two more Tribal Races (the 6th and the 7th of approximately 3500 years each) before it evolutes into its apex. Then "there will be a rapid descent until its Kali Yuga is reached, a small kali yuga, when there will be a great European catastrophe of nature." This particular "small kali yuga" is the fullness of the Kali-Yuga of the Indo-European Family Race at the very end (and even extending into unknown minor cycles beyond the end) of the 4th National Race, 7th Tribal Race. Once again, the close of cycles is calculated from their ends. The same goes for the larger Kali-Yuga of the 5th Root-Race in its 4th Sub-Race which began around 3102 BC. The peak of the Kali-Yuga will be marked by its figurative close in 427,000 years, not its middle in 213,500 years. The Sixth Root-Race will truly be seeded at this time and the physical and mental characteristics of its members will begin to show quite differently. In the 6th Sub-Race of the Fifth Root-Race, the Sixth Root-Race will become sui generis. The key to envisioning these cycles is to adhere to H.P. Blavatsky's advice that there is "enormous overlapping of one race over the race which succeeds it" during which the "elder" loses its "character and external type" and "assumes the new features of the younger race."

In The Secret Doctrine 2:437-438, H.P. Blavatsky posed the rhetorical question as to whether the "Masters of Wisdom have a consecutive and full history of our race from its incipient stage down to the present times." She answered her own question, "Most probably they have, and such is our own personal conviction. But if so, this knowledge is only for the highest Initiates, who do not take their students into their confidence."


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(Photo by Ashes Sitoula on Unsplash)


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