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Volume 2:33-34

In The Secret Doctrine 2:33 in the First Stanza, H.P. Blavatsky considered the relation of the Dhyani-Buddhas and the Planetary Spirits in terms of "LIGHT." There must be something that carries the primordial force from Adi-Buddha into the seven minor forces of the Dhyani-Buddhas and transmits them as the sub-forces in the Rounds to the Planetary Spirits overlooking the Root-Races on a planetary globe. For her, "It is that LIGHT which condenses into the forms of the 'Lords of Being'--the first and the highest of which are, collectively, JIVATMA, or Pratyagatma (said figuratively to issue from Paramatma)." In G. de Purucker's diagram in Fountain-Source on page 435, Jivatman is the 6th human principle beneath Atman and Paramatman. In the same way that Adi-Buddha can be equated with the Central Sun even though it is technically only the sub-highest (6th) of the wholeness of a seven-fold hierarchy, H.P. Blavatsky drew the same correspondence with Pratyagatman as "the first and the highest" only "figuratively" issuing from Paramatman. Adi-Buddha is so conjoined with Paramatman that H.P. Blavatsky reminded us that the Central Sun (Paramatman) in conjunction with the Polar Sun (Adi-Buddhi) both radiate "on man his Atma" in The Secret Doctrine 2:241. She elaborated on the mystery in The Secret Doctrine 2:43-44 with her translation of the term "Ad" as "father" or "One," or the"One with, and of his father." Collectively, the "Lords of Being" are the seven potential primordial forces in the Central Sun. They only "figuratively" issue from Paramatman because potentiality never shifts into actuality. It steps down the transition through intermediary forces. In G. de Purucker's Encyclopedic Theosophical Glossary, "Pratyagatman" is the Jivatman as a Spiritual Monad. There are many different Monads in the human constitution. For example, the Divine Monad is a speck of the wholeness of the Central Sun that travels from solar system to solar system awakening their evolving entities. The Spiritual Monad is a speck of the wholeness of the "Spirit of the Sun" that travels from planetary chain to planetary chain awakening their humanities. The Manasic Monad is a speck of the wholeness of the "Spirit of the Earth" that travels from Earth globe to Earth globe awakening the Root-Races in their humanities. The Psychic Monad is a speck of human consciousness confined to re-embodiment on a single Earth globe. It is Pratyagatman that makes all this possible. Pratyagatman is the individual speck at the inner core of the human constitution as its Spiritual Monad that descends (among countless other trillions) along the semi-individualized ray of the primordial force, splits into seven minor forces, and plummets into the sub-forces of the seven sacred planetary chains and our Earth chain. Descending from the Adi-Buddha overseeing a solar system, it is from the individual speck of Pratyagatman in a host of companions that the "numerous hierarchies of the Creative Forces" are born in the downwards "ever-consolidating waves" of their light. Avalokitesvara is the fully individualized, active synthesis of these "Creative Forces" watching over the "informing intelligences" in the waves of light as "the Manus, the Rishis, the Pitris, the Prajapti" in addition to the "Dhyani Buddhas, the Chohans, Melhas (fire-gods), Bodhisattvas, and others." Pratyagatman is the individual speck on the semi-individualized ray of Amitabha's boundless light proceeding from "that LIGHT" of Adi-Buddha merged in potentiality in the Central Sun which transforms stage by stage into different states of consciousness that bring into outward activity from Avalokitesvara the Dhyani-Buddhas and the Planetary Spirits of the Rounds and the Root-Races. In short, a human being brings himself into existence. Man cannot, after all, "know higher beings than his own 'progenitors.'"


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