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Volume 2:307-315

The Tenth Stanza closes with the ordering of the fourteen Manus throughout the seven Rounds. These fourteen Manus renew themselves within the smaller cycles of the Root-Races. Vaivasvata and Savarna are the two Manus for the Fourth Round. Vaivasvata linked up with Chackchuska Manu in the Third Round to bring his humanities up to date in the Fourth Round. Then approximately half-way through the Fourth Round he passed on his responsibilities to Savarna who will unite with Daksha Savarna of the Fifth Round. In a sense, Savarna will become Daksha because the Fifth Round produces the first true man, a man who is once again skilled at creating mind-born progeny rather than physiologically begetting them. In H.P. Blavatsky's diagram in The Secret Doctrine 2:309, Vaivasvata's reign came to an end in the second half of the Fourth Round. Since humanity is in the Fifth Root-Race, Savarna has taken charge of the transference of power between the two Manus. In G. de Purucker's Studies on page 360, "We are now beginning the next manvantara leading us up to what will be the seeds for the future round, the Fifth Round, and that seed manu's name is Savarna from the Sanskrit. So we are actually in the beginning of Savarna, the 8th manu's beginning."

This transference of power to the new Manu was accompanied with geological turmoil over the last 850,000 years. But when did Savarna take over? From one perspective, Savarna took over one million years ago. When the Fifth Root-Race became sui generis in its 3rd Sub-Race, new lands rose for a new people--hence, the destruction of Ruta. But from another perspective, Savarna took over 270,000 years ago when the Hindu-Aryan 3rd Sub-Race split and the seeds of the 4th Sub-Race sprouted with the destruction of Daitya. After all, Savarna is spoken of as a Daitya king. And yet from a third perspective, Savarna took over 11,500 years ago when the last Atlantean giants met their demise and the Indo-European 3rd Family Race split in its 3rd and 4th National Races. Within each one of these cycles, a minor Savarna directly overlooked the cataclysm for the greater Savarna of the entire Round. These three cataclysms were the direct result of the convergence of Vaivasvata Manu and Savarna Manu in the Fourth Round.

To understand Savarna's smaller cycles, one can turn to H.P. Blavatsky's Collected Writings 7:68-70, "we are in the 5th race, and we have already passed the turning or axial point of our 'sub-race cycle.'" Since she had been talking about Root-Races just prior, the "5th race" corresponds to the Fifth Root-Race. Now, the "axial point of our 'sub-race' cycle" is the 4th Family Race of the 3rd Sub-Race. If one reviews her diagram in The Secret Doctrine 2:300, this placement of the 3rd Sub-Race at the axial point is confirmed. Further, humanity "will be moving swiftly on the path of pure spirituality, and will reach the apex (of our Race) at the end of the 7th sub-race." So, the axial point is directly opposite the apex. Finally, we are still only "in the 5th sub-race of the Parent race, and none of us shall live to see the 7th" Here, the "Parent race" does not correspond to a Root-Race but to a Sub-Race because she had been discussing the axial point and apex in terms of Sub-Races. As such, the "5th sub-race" is a Family Race within the "Parent Race" or the 3rd Sub-Race. No one will live to see "the 7th" because, as indicated in Letters on page 238, even the Hindu-Aryans are only evoluting 6th Family Race people. The Hindu-Aryans will evolute 7th Family Race people when the 4th Sub-Race is in full-swing.

Thus, H.P. Blavatsky's comments about "the fourth Round and the fifth Sub-race of the first Root-race in this our World period" in Letters on page 258 regarding Mohini Chatterji's book, Man: Fragments of Forgotten History, become clearer. The "fourth Round" includes the stream of consciousness from Vaivasvata to Savarna. This "our World period" indicates Savarna's leadership over one million years ago. The "first Root-race" of Savarna's "World period" refers to the 3rd Sub-Race. Therefore, the "fifth Sub-race" is the 5th Family Race, not the actual 5th Sub-Race. It is crucial to understand that H.P. Blavatsky often referred to a smaller cycle using words that made it appear as though it belonged to a larger cycle. For example, we see this procedure in her four enumerated points in The Secret Doctrine 2:434-435. In point 1, the phrase "Fifth Root-Race" is used, but it is linked to a 1,000,000-year cycle so it more accurately represents the kernel of a Root-Race in a particular Sub-Race of approximately 1,270,000 years. In point 2, each "Root-Race" is now the kernel of a Sub-Race and the "seven sub-races" are Family Races of approximately 181,500 years each. In point 3, each "sub-race" (a Family Race) possesses "seven ramifications" as "Branch or 'Family'" races, which are National Races of approximately 25,920 years each. In point 4, the "little tribes, shoots, and offshoots" too countless to name are Tribal Races and Tribal Generations composing the National Races.


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