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Volume 2:27-29

H.P. Blavatsky continued her discussion on the relation between the Dhyani-Buddhas and the Planetary Spirits in the First Stanza. Regarding our solar system in The Secret Doctrine 2:28, "The Globe, propelled onward by the Spirit of the Earth and his six assistants, gets all its vital forces, life, and powers through the medium of the seven planetary Dhyanis from the Spirit of the Sun." The "Spirit of the Sun" is the overseer of the seven Dhyani-Buddhas in our solar chain. G. de Purucker's comment in Fundamentals on page 274 that there are "seven" Dhyani-Buddhas is shown to relate to a solar chain in Dialogues 3:287. A Dhyani-Buddha is at the heart of each solar globe as its higher principles. These seven Dhyani-Buddhas are responsible for the specific type of energy-consciousness emitted in each of the seven Rounds as the sub-forces of the seven minor forces that the "Spirit of the Sun" receives from the individualized ray of the Central Sun. This energy-consciousness is stepped down into the "planetary Dhyanis" who are at the base of each solar globe as its lower principles. These "planetary Dhyanis" are the informing intelligences often designated as the Dhyani-Chohans of the seven sacred planets that transmit the energy-consciousness side of the Dhyani-Buddhas to the "Spirit of the Earth" as the overseer of the seven Dhyani-Bodhisattvas in our Earth chain. The "Spirit of the Earth" then relays this "Light and Life" to each Dhyani-Bodhisattva overseeing a distinct Earth globe. To clarify, the Dhyani-Buddhas are the higher aspects of the seven minor forces transferred from a single primordial force of the Central Sun and the Planetary Spirits are the lower aspects of that single primordial force of the Central Sun. Further, "each of the seven First-born (the primordial human groups) receives its light and life from its own especial Dhyani--spiritually, and from the palace (house, the planet) of that Dhyani physically." In other words, the primordial human groups (the seven Root-Races born simultaneously around the North Pole from a primordial force of the Central Sun) receive their inspiration from their respective Dhyani-Buddha spiritually because it represents the 5th, 6th, and 7th principles of the Solar Sun as an entity, per G. de Purucker's Fountain-Source on page 294. The primordial human groups receive their bodies physically from the Dhyani-Chohans because they represent the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th principles of the Solar Sun as an entity.

To understand the relation between the Dhyani-Buddhas and the Planetary Spirits across all twelve principles of a Solar Sun, one can review G. de Purucker's Fountain-Source on pages 477-478. The Planetary Spirits are the four lowest principles of a Solar Sun. The highest "planetary Dhyanis" correspond to the 4th principle. But the Dhyani-Buddhas are the three higher principles of the manifested seven. Within the solar entity itself, its 5th principle broadly corresponds to Avalokitesvara, the 6th principle to Amitabha, and the 7th principle to Adi-Buddha. That is, the 7th principle of a Dhyani-Buddha is a speck of the Central Sun. The 8th principle of the solar entity corresponds to the central point. This is the true "threshold of divinity"because it is transitionally galaxial from a Kosmic perspective. The 9th thru 12th principles of a Solar Sun are fully galaxial or even super-galaxial. A Solar Sun stretches into the innermost galaxy in its innermost heart. Regarding initiation, the first three degrees are learning about the possibility of leaving our Earth globe for loftier spheres. To leave the Earth globe in the 4th initiation is to soar as one of the "planetary Dhyanis"to the outskirts of the Solar Sun or its 4th principle. This is why Mahatma K.H. in Letter 9 in The Mahatma Letters on pages 43-44 spoke of the "great Buddha" becoming a "Planetary Spirit" when he "reached first Nirvana on earth." He added that this is the "highest form of adeptship man can hope for on our planet." But he carefully inserted the words "first" and "adeptship." The great Buddha first reached Nirvana in the solar principles of a Planetary Spirit in the 4th initiation and became an adept, but later he reached Nirvana in the solar principles of a Dhyani-Buddha in the 5th, 6th, and 7th initiations and became a Master. In the 8th initiation, he had to choose to mature into a Manushya Buddha and figuratively turn his back on the glories of Kosmic divinity or accept it and develop into a Pratyeka Buddha. One can only marvel at the fortitude of the great Buddha in resisting an open door into the radiance of the galaxy. This is why he is called a Buddha of Compassion. The 9th thru 12th initiations are beyond the scope of this commentary.


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