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Volume 2:227-251

H.P. Blavatsky outlined the beautiful array of colors in humanity in the Tenth Stanza. Beginning with the Imperishable Sacred Land, "THE FIRST (Race) ON EVERY ZONE WAS MOON-COLORED (yellow-white); THE SECOND, YELLOW, LIKE GOLD; THE THIRD, RED; THE FOURTH, BROWN." In Isis Unveiled 1:294, the human body became "less hairy, more erect, and of a different color and proportion" over the ages. In The Secret Doctrine 2:249, the changes in "human complexion" were largely based on the "climates" of different geographical zones. This is true, but there are even more profound mysteries involved in the development of the colors in humanity.

To begin with, the First Root-Race was "MOON-COLORED" because it was influenced by the Dhyani-Chohanic emanations of the "Sons of Wisdom" from the Moon. From the First Root-Race onwards, these "Sons of Wisdom" overshadowed the nascent humanities. The Moon is actually a grey color, but it receives its yellow-white tinge from the light of certain sacred planets as well as the Solar Sun. The Second Root-Race was yellow, a fierce golden color. But the Second and Third Root-Races also included blue and red-faced humanities. In The Secret Doctrine 2:192, "There were blue and red-faced animal-men even in later times; not from actual intercourse (between the human and animal species) but by descent." Now, the Third Root-Race held a menage a trois attitude towards sex, but the "Lords of the Last Races (of the Third and the Fourth)" placed a "seal of prohibition upon the sinful intercourse" between animals, humans, and mammals; however, this was not done before they had intermingled. This means that yellow-white, red, and blue humanities interblended with one another over millions of years. While the color of the "first SOLID human race"which "appeared after the middle of the Third Root Race"may have been "yellow" in The Secret Doctrine 2:250, this does not mitigate the fact that the interblending of yellow-white, red, and blue humanities over millions of years produced a new assortment of colors.

It is from this combination of colors in the first three Root-Races that humanity arrived at the shades of color found in the Fourth Root-Race: brown. As any school child knows from art class, brown is created from the primary colors of yellow, blue and red. Once created, different shades of brown can create darker shades of red. Similarly, pink is created from white and red or even yellow and red. The precise shade of pink depends upon whether the yellow is a bit stronger or weaker. For example, the First and Second Root-Races were both yellow, but the Second Root-Race possessed a stronger shading. Therefore, the type of pinks in humanity varies. The difference between the two shadings of yellow in the early Root-Races is marvelously captured in the Navajo tradition in Raymond Friday Locke's Sweet Salt on pages 79-81. In the creation of First Man and First Woman, "white corn" (Moon-colored) belongs to the male and "yellow corn" (Gold-colored) belongs to the female. There are variant shadings of yellow. At the same time, four gods oversee this separation into man and woman: 1) Sits'is' Lagai or White Body 2) Sit'is' Dotl'ish or Blue Body 3) Sits'is' Li'tso or Yellow Body 4) Sit'is' Lizhin or Black Body. The Navajo Indians presented (though the enumeration is slightly different) an array of intermingled colors in humanity throug the creation of the Four Worlds. With the creation of the Fifth World (the Fifth Root-Race), these four colors of humanity become intermingled even further. In The Secret Doctrine 2:249, "The Aryan races, for instance, now varying from dark brown, almost black, red-brown-yellow, down to the whitest creamy color, are yet all of one and the same stock--the Fifth Root-Race--and spring from one single progenitor, called in Hindu exotericism by the generic name of Vaivasvata Manu." This period is bracketed between "18,000,000" years ago and "850,000" years ago. It begins with the 5th Sub-Race of the Third Root-Race and ends with the 7th Sub-Race of the Fourth Root-Race. In terms of color, all humanity comes from this transition through the Third and Fourth Root-Races. Of course, by the 7th Sub-Race of the Fourth Root-Race, the 3rd Sub-Race of the Fifth Root-Race had already become sui generis and embodied the white-pink-brown mixings, especially.

As such, the three "great divisions" in the Fourth and Fifth Root-Races are the "RED-YELLOW, the BLACK, and the BROWN-WHITE." The Fourth Root-Race became "BLACK WITH SIN" in The Secret Doctrine 2:227, but this is only a reference to the transformation of Third Root-Race peoples into the "red-yellow" and "Brown-white races" of the Fourth and Fifth Root-Races, per The Secret Doctrine 2:250. The "BLACK" race in The Secret Doctrine 2:249 is a generative race--a symbol of ascent, not of descent. She is referring to the reservoir of life from which Nature pulls to create future Root-Races through all their cyclic lines on the ascent to the Seventh Root-Race. That is, future Root-Races, Sub-Races, Family Races, National Races, and so forth, have to be pulled from somewhere. Nature does not spontaneously generate humanities anymore. This becomes clear in the Navajo tradition in Sweet Salt on page 80. In the Fourth World, it is the "Black" God who appears when it is time to create future humanities. The "Black" God explains to the earlier races, "They want to make more people, but in forms like themselves. You have bodies like theirs, but you have the teeth, the feet, and the claws of beasts and insects. The new creatures are to have hands and feet like ours." Thus, there is a reservoir of life waiting to be called on in the ascents of these minor cyclic lines in their larger cycles. For example, G. de Purucker explained in Fountain-Source on pages 159-160 how the 4th National Race of the Indo-European Family Race will come to an end in about 16,000 years. Europe will undergo a cataclysmic destruction that will usher in an age of new National Races. In the thousands of years preceding this cataclysm, the African Family Race will spread into Europe within the next "twenty thousand years" to make the birth of new National Races possible, per Studies on page 45. On an even larger scale, the Fifth Root-Race will undergo a slowly developing series of cataclysmic destructions over the next several hundreds of thousands of years in its Kali-Yuga. In the scores upon scores of thousands of years preceding the middle of the Kali-Yuga, the African Family Race will have mixed over the next "100,000 years" into all of humanity's cyclic lines that set the stage for the beginning of the Sixth Root-Race, per Dialogues 1:91.

In archaeological studies, people have been migrating in and out of Africa for hundreds of thousands of years. The European-African borders are the juncture between the Indo-European Family Race and the African Family Race as future humanities are born. Regarding the result of these future humanities on their ascent to the Seventh Root-Race, it is necessary for all colors to be absorbed and disappear. In scientific terms, white emits a spectrum of colors; black absorbs them. In evolutionary terms, the ascent absorbs the colors that are emitted on the descent. Over the next ten to fifteen million years in the Sixth and Seventh Root-Races, there will be such an intermingling of races on the ascent that we will eventually arrive back at the shade of the Moon-colored Dhyani-Chohans: a mix of black and white (non-colors displaying as grey) with a tinge of yellow signifying the "Buddhi" quality, per H.P. Blavatsky's The Inner Group Teachings on page 2. In Isis Unveiled 1:296, the world will once again be "inhabited by a single, nearly homogeneous race, no individual of which will be inferior to the noblest specimens of existing humanity." Then, our humanity will be the Dhyani-Chohans for the upcoming planetary Maha-Manvantara.


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