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Volume 2:22-26

In the First Stanza of "Anthropogenesis," H.P. Blavatsky outlined the cosmic production of mankind. The "chief Spirit" as the Central Sun or Adi-Buddha (the "highest sub-entity" as the potentiality of an "UNCREATED Ray" in the "universal kosmical Wondrous Being" in Purucker's Fundamentals on page 234) shoots out a semi-individualized ray from one of its seven potential primordial forces. The semi-individualized ray is Amitabha Buddha, per Purucker's Fountain-Source on page 508. The semi-individualized ray is fully individualized by Avalokitesvara and our Solar Sun receives it as seven minor forces. These seven minor forces are the "seven differentiated colors of the prism" from the "white glory" of Amitabha Buddha, per H.P. Blavatsky's Collected Writings 12:519. Each one of these seven minor forces in our Solar Sun is a special type of Dhyani-Buddhic energy-consciousness that enlivens the inner operations of a sacred planetary chain. Therefore, the "Seven Planetary Genii or Spirits" are the solar intelligences working through the psychological and material sacred planets. Since the Seven Planetary Spirits owe their energy-consciousness side to the Solar Sun, the "visible Sun" is "exoterically" their "chief," but "esoterically"their "chief" is the "second Logos" or "Demiurge." The individualized ray transferred into the Solar Sun from the "chief Spirit" is technically the "second Logos" in comparison to the Central Sun which is the First Unmanifest Logos of the Mundane Egg. As the recipient of an individualized ray of primordial force, the Solar Sun functions as the Central Sun's Demiurge in the psychological and material realms of the planets. This is what H.P. Blavatsky means when she wrote that "His breath gave life to the seven" and emphasized that the "Spiritual Sun" as the "High One" gave "life to the Planets" just as much as the Solar Sun.

These Seven Planetary Spirits build the Earth's planetary chain. In G. de Purucker's Fundamentals on page 548, Intra-Mercury builds globe A, Jupiter builds globe B, Venus builds globe C, Saturn builds globe D, Mercury builds globe E, Mars builds globe F, and the Planet of Death builds globe G. As H.P. Blavatsky stated, "The seven higher make the Seven Lhas create the world." The "seven higher" are the "Kosmocratores" or the Planetary Spirits which step-down the Dhyani-Buddhic "Fires" into the auric fields of the seven sacred planets. The Seven Lhas are the seven Dhyani-Bodhisattvas responsible for overseeing the seven Earth globes. They receive their instructions from the ruling Dhyani-Buddhas directing each Round as implemented by the intermediary Planetary Spirits building each Round. In The Secret Doctrine 1:574, the Planetary Spirits are equated with the Dhyani-Buddhas. G. de Purucker clarified in Fundamentals on page 334 that the "Kosmocratores" are the more material quality of the Dhyani-Buddhas; however, he confirmed H.P. Blavatsky's equivalency between the two classes of entities in Fundamentals on page 365 in that they "interblend and interpenetrate each other" with "no break between them." In other words, spirit and soul overlap. The Seven Lhas employ the "Regents" as the seven superterrestrial Bodhisattvas on their respective Earth globes to supervise the "terrestrial spirits" in the construction of the seven Root-Races beginning with the elementals. As with all planetary globes, the "Spirit-Guardian" of our Earth globe D is "subordinate" to the "chief Spirit" and therefore each one of the Root-Races corresponds to an aspect of its primordial force splintered across the seven sacred planets. Thus, each Earth globe and each Root-Race harmonizes with one of the sacred planets.

At this stage in the First Stanza, the "fabricators of our solar system" have established "seven chief planets" and our Earth as the eighth. For our Earth chain, the "Sun and the seven chief planets constitute the visible and active potency." The "genesis of Gods and men" take "rise in, and from, one and the same Point, which is the One Universal, Immutable, Eternal, and absolute UNITY"--the unity of the immaculate white disk, the dull black ground, and the central point which establishes the Central Suns and their cohorts. To support this idea, H.P. Blavatsky emphasized that "Force succeeds Mulaprakriti." It comes after Mulaprakriti. Without "Force," Mulaprakriti (the dull black ground) is for "all practical intents and purposes non-existent." But there are three lights in that darkness: the immaculate white disk, the central point, and the Central Sun. The primordial forces in the Central Suns scattered across the Mundane Egg allow for the lights in Mulaprakriti to spread out as the solar fires in their respective planetary chains, and among their nascent humanities, throughout the Cosmos.


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