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Volume 2:124-130

The close of the Fifth Stanza deals with the theme of the "DIVINE HERMAPHRODITE" and the division into distinct male and female sexes. In a reference to The Book of Enoch (200 BC-200 AD), H.P. Blavatsky emphasized the two genealogical lines from Adam. The "first divine androgyne" separates into man and woman to become "JAH-HEVA in one form, or Race," and "Cain and Abel (male and female) in its other form or Race--the double-sexed Jehovah." After this division comes the "Third and Fourth Root-Races of mankind--that is to say, races of men and women, or individuals of opposite sexes, no longer semi-spirits and androgynes." Regarding these two variations on "JAH-HEVA" and the "double-sexed Jehovah" in Isis Unveiled 1:305, there "was one race of purely physical creatures, another purely spiritual." The "union of these two races produced a third--the Adamite." Both "races" belong to the Third Root-Race. Joined, they produce the "Adamite" race as the symbolical origin of the Fifth Root-Race since it is the "fifth principle" operating through them.

The general idea is that the children of "JAH-HEVA" can be traced from Adam through Seth's line including Enos, Kenan, Mahalalel, Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech, and Noah while the children of the "double-sexed Jehovah" can be traced from Adam through Cain's line including Enoch, Irad, Mehujael, Methushael, Lamech, and Jubal. They are all Lemurians or Lemurian off-shoots, and they all split into male and female. While they can be variously interpreted in terms of "solar and lunar years" or "astronomical periods," the family members of each line equally correspond to the development of "physiological (phallic) functions" in The Secret Doctrine 2:391. The two lines differ. This division between the two lines explains several issues: 1) how some Lemurians consummate sexual acts with non-mammalian animals in the early Third Root-Race to produce the mammalian monkeys, while others do not 2) how some Lemurians migrate southwards to the Pacific and Indian Ocean continents to be swept away at the close of the Third Root-Race while others migrate to Northern Asia to establish the Mystery Schools 3) how some Lemurians develop a close relationship with their inflaming Manasaputras, while others remain disconnected. There is no hard-and-fast rule separating the two lines since individual human beings reincarnate thousands of times over millions and millions of years in different geographic locations. But it does serve as a generalized starting point for studying the evolutionary "FALL" of mankind.

In looking at Seth's line, Seth is "no man, but a race." His son Enos is the "First Race born in the present usual way from man and woman." Seth is the "first result (physiologically) after the FALL" as well as the "first man" who represents the "later Third Race." Now, one can simply accept that Seth is a Third Root-Race man and stop there, or one can probe further. From a more nuanced perspective, Seth is the "first man" because he is an extension of the First Root-Race, even though he is called the "later Third Race." In H.P. Blavatsky's Collected Writings 14:81, "the First Root-Race shall come to an end during the second sub-Race of the Third Root-Race." This means that the First Root-Race still spiritually animates the 1st Sub-Race of the Third Root-Race. This is the line of "JAH-HEVA." But a "great wickedness" arises in the 2nd Sub-Race of the Third Root-Race. In the 2nd Sub-Race, an "Iniquity shall grow up" and, from its destructive force, the First Root-Race will come to an end. This destructive force is from Cain's line of the "double-sexed Jehovah." By the close of the 2nd Sub-Race in the Third Root-Race, the 3rd Sub-Race has already branched off at its mid-point into the forerunners of the sexual division who set the stage for its broader spread in the 4th Sub-Race. As G. de Purucker stated in Studies on page 42, "each Race is shown as beginning at about the middle part of the preceding one." Therefore, the final members of the First Root-Race can technically be said to have become male and female. These are the "Sons of God" who see that the "daughters of humans were beautiful" in Genesis 6.1-8. They are "JAH-HEVAH" because Jehovah is "first" and "last," just like the First Root-Race is first and last in the transition from sexless "shadows" to a-sexual "forms" to the end of the "divine hermaphrodites" with the emergence of man and woman. In contrast, the beautiful "daughters of humans" develop from the Second Root-Race who lost their dignity in the descent. Some of these "daughters" even develop in the early Third Root-Race from human-animal mating instigated by mindless Lemurians disconnected from their Manasaputras. In this case, Seth, evolving along the spiritual line, represents the "later Third Race" in the sense that he is a forerunner of the actions of the later Third Root-Race in its 4th and 5th Sub-Races but as early as its 2nd and 3rd Sub-Races before the First Root-Race completely disappears from the face of the globe. Manasaputras descend regularly to spiritualize humanity long before the middle of the Third Root-Race. In reference to the first three Sub-Races, Enoch says in 22.9 in The Book of Enoch, "Three separations have been made between the spirits of the dead, and thus have the spirits of the righteous been separated." This is a reference to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Sub-Races (the "JAH-HEVAH" spiritualized line and the "double-sexed Jehovah" materialized line) prior to the main sexual division of humanity in the 4th Sub-Race of the Third Root-Race.

In The Secret Doctrine 2:127, Seth is the "leader and the progenitor of the Races of the Earth." But he is also the "progeny" of "Cain and Abel" since in his Lemurian phase he adopts male-female sexual generation. Cain, Abel, and Seth are "the three races," per The Secret Doctrine 2:397. In H.P. Blavatsky's testimonial to Enoch in Collected Writings 14:81, Enoch is the "seventh branch" of the "first Sub-Race" of the Third Root-Race. He survives to see the wickedness of the 2nd Sub-Race and the earliest sexual division in the 3rd Sub-Race (which establishes the seeds of the 4th and 5th Sub-Races). In the same way that he represents the "seventh branch" of the 1st Sub-Race of the Third Root-Race, he also represents the 7th Sub-Race of the Third Root-Race since Enoch is the "seventh" like Adam Kadmon, Osiris and Christos in Isis Unveiled 2:454 and 463. Enoch is a "generic name for all the early Seers," per The Secret Doctrine 2:361. He is the seventh in descent from Adam, who in this case represents the 1st Sub-Race in the wholeness of the Third Root-Race. As the spokesperson for the 7th Sub-Race, it is Enoch's job to provide revelation among the "JAH-HEVAH" Lemurians who establish the Mystery Schools before the close of the Third Root-Race. In The Secret Doctrine 2:532, Enoch's "Wisdom" belongs to the cycle of the "Fourth Atlantean Race," but this is precisely because he symbolizes the seeds of the Fourth at the end of the Third. Similarly, Noah, descending through Enoch, belongs to the cycle of the Fifth Root-Race, even though he himself is a Fourth Root-Race Atlantean. He symbolizes the roots of the Fifth Root-Race in the middle of the Fourth Root-Race struggling to survive the collapse of Atlantean civilization under the great oceanic deluge some four to five million years ago. Enoch stands between the "Fourth and the Fifth" Root-Races in The Secret Doctrine 2:533 in that his "Wisdom" is exchanged among them, even though he preceded them as the last of the Third Root-Race (interblending with the Fourth, per The Secret Doctrine 2:597). Therefore, H.P. Blavatsky, in Collected Writings 14:86, called Enoch the "Son of man" from an esoteric perspective but the "first Sub-Race of the Fifth Root-Race" from a symbolic perspective.


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