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Volume 2:1

In her preliminary notes, H.P. Blavatsky presented three main propositions underlying the principal tenets for the evolution of mankind in the second volume of "Anthropogenesis."

First, there is a "simultaneous evolution of seven human groups on seven different portions of the globe" beginning with the First Root-Race in the Fourth Round. These seven Root-Races appear in the central region around the North Pole. They arise at the North Pole because this is the electromagnetic entrance for the individualized ray from the Central Sun. As H.P. Blavatsky stated in Isis Unveiled 1:308, "There is but one MAGNET in the universe, and from it proceeds the magnetization of everything existing. This magnet is of course what the kabalists term the central Spiritual Sun." From a seven-fold perspective, the Central Sun possesses seven potential primordial forces. Within its blazing light, it ripens each one of these potential primordial forces into individualized activity. The individualized activity of each primordial force causes a ray to shoot from the Central Sun. Seven individualized rays construct the framework of our universal solar system, though in fact there are many additional forces and rays that contribute. Each individualized ray of the Central Sun also contains within it the sublimated influence of the other six individualized rays. Therefore, each individualized ray from the Central Sun is seven-fold. The seven, seven-fold, individualized rays from the Central Sun enliven seven Solar Suns in seven complementary solar systems. These are the 49 solar fires comprising a universal solar system. Most of these 49 solar fires build other planetary chains in alternate solar systems, but one of the seven-fold individualized rays from the Central Sun tinctures the consciousness of our Solar Sun. Therefore, our Solar Sun contains seven potential minor forces that gradually ripen. At the appropriate time, our Solar Sun launches these seven minor forces into individualized activity. Each one of these minor forces (once again containing the sublimated influence of the other six within it, thereby assembling the 49 solar fires in a solar system) tinctures the consciousness of a planetary chain whose material bodies have been forged from previously exploded solar materials. The key planetary chains include Intra-Mercury, Mercury, Venus, the Planet of Death, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. This group of planets is considered "sacred" because it is instrumental in building our Earth chain and overshadowing the principles of its evolving entities. There are many other planets, including our Earth, that contribute to the structure of the solar system. Regarding our Earth, the energy from the launch of one of these minor forces from the Solar Sun through a planetary chain is called a Round, and it sweeps through the Earth globes under the rule of a specific Dhyani-Buddha. Therefore, each Round is a pulse of sub-force from one of seven Dhyani-Buddhas. When this pulse of sub-force hits a globe such as our Earth globe D, the seven-fold nature of the Dhyani-Buddha spills across the globe with the assistance of the Dhyani-Bodhisattva. Subsequently, a superterrestrial Bodhisattva bifurcates himself into two Manushya Buddhas in each Root-Race as the wave of humanity flows from north to south and east to west through the seven Root-Races in a Round. Each Root-Race mirrors the spiritual influence from one of the sacred planets in the solar system. G. de Purucker outlined the correspondences in Fountain-Source on page 151: 1) the First Root-Race is constructed under the influence of Intra-Mercury, a nearly invisible planet between the Solar Sun and Mercury 2) the Second Root-Race is constructed under the influence of Jupiter 3) the Third Root-Race under Venus 4) the Fourth Root-Race under Saturn 5) the Fifth Root-Race under Mercury 6) the Sixth Root-Race under Mars 7) the Seventh Root-Race under the Planet of Death. As the splintered receptacle of the seven minor solar forces of an individualized active ray carrying one of seven primordial forces from the Central Sun, all of mankind is divine. And this divine mankind is delivered all at once through an electromagnetic current to seven distinct northern portions of the Earth globe with the commencement of the Fourth Round. To study the details of this cosmic process, one can review G. de Purucker's Fundamentals on pages 526-530.

Second, the evolution of mankind begins with the "birth of the astral" before "the physical body." Its unfoldment is as follows: 1) Aether 2) Ether 3) Astral 4) Physical. This is why theosophical literature speaks of the physical body as the dregs of the Astral Light. In Isis Unveiled 2:169-175, H.P. Blavatsky traced the descent of mankind as expressed in the Gnostic tradition. In a ten-fold classification, the "Unknown Deity," "Bythos," and "Ennoia" are the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Logos. They produce "Sophia," which is the feminine aspect of Ennoia as the Hindu Narayana over the waters of Space. But since Sophia is too spiritual as the 3rd Logos she must reproduce herself as "Sophia-Achamoth" (the 6th cosmical principle blended into the 4th cosmical principle) to spread the "Christos" (the 7th cosmical principle of Aether) throughout the entire Mundane Egg. Here, Sophia-Achamoth is the "Universal Sixth principle" in her more pure "Sophia" aspect as the secondary darkness of Alaya or the "OVER-SOUL" in The Secret Doctrine 1:17 which, ignited by a "spark" (Ether) from itself, begins its evolutionary journey through the "elemental form of the phenomenal world" and subsequently into the mineral, planet, animal, and human kingdoms. In its ascent, the "spark" re-unites with the Dhyani-Buddha of the Solar Sun and continues along the individualized ray to the one primordial force of the Central Sun from which it emanated. In her descent, Sophia-Achamoth imbues her "wisdom" into the four lower cosmic planes, as G. de Purucker explained in his "Ialdabaoth" entry in the Encyclopedic Theosophical Glossary. But in these four lower cosmic planes (Cosmic Kama, Cosmic Jiva, Astral Light, Sthula-Sarira) Sophia-Achamoth is "overpowered by the emanation of matter" and loses her way, becoming entangled and "immersed in mud" (Physical) as the dregs of the Astral Light. Unable to extricate herself, she creates "Ilda-Baoth" who is the Demiurge for the material spheres. The term "Demiurge" implies that he is produced from something above him. In this case, the physical world is molded from the Astral Light. Since Ilda-Baoth is both Astral and Physical (since he himself originates in Cosmic Kama), the mankind that he fashions is both Astral and Physical as well.

Third, mankind precedes "every mammalian--the anthropoids included" in the Fourth Round. The issue is complicated because there are mammals from the Second and Third Rounds that come over into the Fourth Round. These mammals are thrown off from the auric fields of mankind in earlier Rounds, but in the early Fourth Round they reproduce amongst themselves and are not technically produced by Fourth Round mankind, per G. de Purucker's Dialogues 3:180-182. Though humanity extends back to the very beginning of the Fourth Round because its own sishtas carry over from the Third Round, its First Root-Race begins some 130-150 million years ago. But there are already mammals in existence. While the ladder of evolving entities in the Fourth Round progresses through the successive stages from elemental to mineral to plant to animal to human, this does not imply that a mammalian forerunner from the Third Round cannot precede the bulk life wave of the mineral, plant, or animal kingdoms. Finally, the larger mammalians in the Fourth Round are predominantly generated some five to twenty-five million years ago in the Third and Fourth Root-Races. This means that the human kingdom precedes them.


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