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Volume 1:97-99

In the Fourth Stanza outlining the transformation of the Kosmos from the immaculate white disk to the Solar Suns, H.P. Blavatsky ordered it as follows: "Dots, Lines, Triangles, Cubes, Circles and finally Spheres." Initially, it seems that the term "Circles" is out-of-place, but it is actually a dual symbol. On the one hand, her statement in The Secret Doctrine 1:99 that the "Boundless Circle" becomes a "figure or number" only "when one of the nine figures precedes it" clears up the reason for positioning the term "Circles" near-last, even though it comes first. On the other hand, the term "Circles" also corresponds to a Solar Sun as the "ONE Circle" for its kingdom, per The Secret Doctrine 1:114. To clarify her terms, the Kosmic transition can be presented in this way: 1) the "Circles" represent a multiplicity of immaculate white disks comprising the "Kosmos in Eternity" 2) the "Dots" represent their vibrating potential points 3) the "Lines" represent vibration in the hazy darkness along the plane of the immaculate white disk 4) the "Triangles" represent the central point moving away from the immaculate white disk 5) the "Cubes" represent the bottom segment of the triangular line opposite the central point (as a vertex) in an expanded three-dimensional space 6) the "Circles" represent the Solar Suns in a secondary universe revolving around the "Wheels" of a Laya-center 7) the "Spheres" represent the planets under the rule of the Solar Suns.

The question must be asked: Why is H.P. Blavatsky's immaculate white disk a 'disk' as opposed to a sphere? Hypothetically, Time is the result of the speed in which the 3rd Logos (Kalahansa) moves faster than manifested beings (like a winged Swan swooping over humanity and leaving it behind) into a perceived distance, which gives the appearance of a future. As the 3rd Logos (in its symbolic form of an egg-bearing bird) drops manifested beings into the secondary universe, it moves at a certain speed which is greater than the speed of its manifested beings. Its movement over and through us at this excessive speed gives the perception of Time, whether backwards or forwards. The 3rd Logos gives to the mind the feeling of self-consciousness. This includes a self-consciousness of its own movement, which is sensed as Time. But what happens when the 3rd Logos moves at a rate so close to the rate of Absolute Rest (or Absolute Motion) of the immaculate white disk that the winds of itself no longer speed past other manifested beings to create the appearance of a distance and a future? It runs into a wall of sorts. Time stops. Thus, the immaculate white disk is a 'disk' (or a flat round Circle) as opposed to a sphere because when Time stops it flattens. Since the 3rd Logos corresponds to Time as velocity, the cessation of Time means the object (the immaculate white disk) to which it (the 3rd Logos) is traveling must flatten out. Therefore, the immaculate white disk is spoken of as possessing a "plane." A Cosmic Monad in motion returning to the surface plane of the immaculate white disk encounters resistance, is flattened, and experiences cessation.

When H.P. Blavatsky wrote on the "Mother" (the Aditi of our Solar Sun) as the "fiery Fish of Life" scattering her "spawn" to form "curds in the Ocean" of Space where the "larger lumps coalesce and receive new spawn" in "fiery dots, triangles and cubes" which ripen to detach themselves "and assume a spheroidal form," it means that each manifested being, at whatever stage in the evolutionary ladder of evolving entities, comes into existence through the same process. Whether in the birth of a universe, a solar system, or a human being, a potential point in the aura of self-hood begins to vibrate, a star is seen, and a new entity is born.


H.P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine (Pasadena: Theosophical University Press, 2019).

(Photo by Jason Blackeye on Unsplash)


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