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Volume 1: Addendum

This commentary passed over the pages in The Secret Doctrine 1:153-190 because they break up the flow of the seven Stanzas. But a few words need to be said before moving on to "Anthropogenesis."

First, the Moon chain is the 18,000th re-embodiment of our planetary chain. The current Earth chain is the 18,001st. When the Moon chain reached its Seventh Round, the energies of Moon globe A were transferred into a Laya-center. The same process repeated itself for all the Moon globes up to Moon globe G. Then the central point at the heart of the planetary chain began to vibrate and it released all these energies into cometary matter to construct the scaffolding of the various Earth globes. In a general way, Moon globe A built Earth globe A, Moon globe B built Earth globe B, Moon globe C built Earth globe C, Moon globe D built Earth globe D, and so forth. The more the Earth chain was built, the more the Moon chain fully died. As to the Moon, H.P. Blavatsky noted in The Secret Doctrine 1:156 that she is "a dead, yet a living body." When each Moon globe dies, its lower principles begin to disintegrate to be used again for its corresponding Earth globe. But this process makes the "decaying corpse" of the Moon globe (our visible Moon) dangerously full of "active and destructive life" that is dangerous to mankind.

Second, the bulk of evolving entities who are human beings on the Earth were the animal Monads of human beings in the Seventh Round on the Moon chain. When Moon globe D transferred its energies to Earth globe D, the animal Monads, often referred to as Lunar Pitris, evolved into their humanhood at different times in the first four Rounds on the Earth. H.P Blavatsky outlined in The Secret Doctrine 1:174-175 how some Lunar Pitris developed their humanhood in the First Round. Other Lunar Pitris developed their humanhood in the Second and Third Rounds. The anthropoid apes as a "laggard" class of Lunar Pitris will only reach humanhood in the last cycles of the Fourth Round. The human beings of the First Round were a "dimensionless image" from the astral regions. They oozed out their innards through their "astral doubles" in the Second Round and in the Third Round embodied more concretely in "ape-like" forms. By the Fourth Round, the dimensionless image was concealed from ordinary human gaze but not from theosophical vision. Quoting Proclus (5th century BC) in Isis Unveiled 2:113, H.P. Blavatsky confirmed, "In all the initiations and mysteries, the gods exhibit many forms of themselves, and appear in a variety of shapes, and sometimes, indeed a formless light of themselves is held forth to the view."

Third, we are currently in the "Fourth Round and the Fifth Root-Race," per The Secret Doctrine 1:185. To put this in context, seven lifetimes of a planetary chain in the most active kernels of its auric fields during a solar Manvantara (60 billion years) occur in transit through a Cosmic plane, or Bhur-loka/Patala in the case of our Earth chain. Each planetary Maha-Manvantara (seven Rounds) in its most active kernel occurs in transit through a sub-plane of a Cosmic plane. Each planetary Manvantara (one Round) in its most active kernel occurs in transit through a sub-sub-plane of a Cosmic plane. Each Root-Race experiences its transitions through a sub-sub-sub-plane. All these cycles are moving into a greater super-spiritual sensuousness or a greater materiality in the same moments. This is because the emanations from the 3rd Logos are omnidirectional. Of course, the exact numbers to all these cycles is secret. H.P. Blavatsky advised us in The Secret Doctrine 1:164 that "no Theosophist, not even as an accepted chela--let alone lay students--could expect to have the secret teachings explained to him thoroughly and completely, before he had irretrievably pledged himself to the Brotherhood and passed through at least one initiation." The "one initiation" is the 4th degree.


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(Photo by Guillaume de Germaine on Unsplash)


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