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Volume 1:8-12

The 3rd Logos, as the Brahma overlooking the universal solar systems within a galaxy, lives for a Great Age of 311 trillion years or "100 Divine years" in its manifested realms. At the close of the Great Age the central point withdraws its spiritual energies causing a "temporary disappearance from the manifested plane of existence" of the outer activity of its inner principles. But the central point doesn't die in the ordinary sense but rather continues its journey into other reaches of the darkness of Space. It returns into the dull black ground or 2nd Logos.

In order to live in its manifested realms, the central point must transform into the "gods and all the visible Universe." So it splinters. Its shards include the Central Suns and their attendant suns scattered throughout the universal solar systems within a galaxy. A universal solar system is a group of solar systems ruled over by the same Central Sun. A Central Sun that is tinctured by the energies of Brahma as the 3rd Logos can also be referred to as "Brahma" or the Hindu "solar Logos" as G. de Purucker explained in Fundamentals on page 527. Here, "Space" is called "the Seven-Skinned Eternal Mother-Father" because the central point rules over the seven-fold layers of "undifferentiated and differentiated" substance in the universal solar systems of a galaxy. If one reviews G. de Purucker's diagram in Fountain-Source on page 437, the seven layers include: Paramatman, Adi-Buddhi, Mahat, Cosmic Kama, Cosmic Jiva, Astral Light, and Sthula-Sarira.

These ideas are all contained in H.P. Blavatsky's "Occult Catechism" in The Secret Doctrine 1:11. The "Germ in the Root" is a reference to the central point in the dull black ground. The "Great Breath" is a reference to the immaculate white disk blowing the central point out through the dull black ground into a seven-fold secondary universe. The "One" as an "unbroken Circle (ring) with no circumference" is the immaculate white disk or Kosmos in Eternity. The "One" as the "indivisible point found nowhere" yet perceived "everywhere" during manifestation is the potential and active central point, in its duality. "Light in darkness" is the central point as the 3rd Logos breaking through the dull black ground of the 2nd Logos and "darkness in light" is the retreat of that darkness along the plane of the illuminated immaculate white disk. The "Germ is invisible and fiery" because it is illuminated. The "Root (the plane of the circle) is cool" because the dull black ground envelops it. Her "garment is cold and radiant" during the "Evolution and Manvantara" of a Great Age because the Central Suns and attendant Suns fill her Space. "Hot Breath is the Father" at the close of a Great Age because he destroys the outward manifestations of those cool and radiant Central Suns and attendant Suns. "Cool Breath is the Mother" because she nurtures the inner principles of those Central Suns and attendant suns in her womb (protected from the Father's Hot Breath) during the Maha-Pralaya.

H.P. Blavatsky had presented these root ideas in Isis Unveiled 2:225 many years before The Secret Doctrine was written. In Isis Unveiled, she developed these themes in relation to the Gnostic tradition. "ISH AMON" is the "boundless circle" or the 1st Logos as "THOUGHT of the power divine." It works in the "SILENCE" of the 2nd Logos as "darkness." Suddenly, "light is begotten by darkness." This is the central point or the 3rd Logos, though it can also be called the "SECOND life." Then a "third light" is created or the "FATHER of all things that live." This is the Central Sun in the seventh layer of Paramatman. It can be called the "THIRD" life since there are three lights in the one darkness. This Central Sun brings "inert matter into life" through its "vivifying spirit" and produces Fetahil who is the Demiurge builder of the "material world" in the Mundane Egg.

Further, H.P. Blavatsky elaborated on these root ideas in Isis Unveiled 1:302-303 and 2:227. Here, the "Lord Ferho" as the "Central Invisible" is the 1st Logos. The "divine Scintilla" as Fetahil is the 3rd Logos. The "monad" that the "divine Scintilla" shoots out so as not to get dragged further into matter is the "central, spiritual, and Invisible sun" or the Mundane Egg in its collectivity of Central Suns in Paramatman. Adam Kadmon is the three-fold division of the primary universe in which this pleroma exists : 1) the "first light" is the Great Breath of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Logos 2) the "second emanation" which produces "cometary matter" and "forms within the cosmic circle" stretches from Paramatman to Cosmic Kama 3) the "third" produces the "whole universe of physical matter" stretching from Cosmic Jiva to Sthula-Sarira, viewed as unified per the Taraka Raja Yoga system in The Secret Doctrine 1:157. The "GRAND CYCLE" through which the universe evolves is the Maha-Manvantara of a Great Age of 311 trillion years.


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