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Volume 1:554-566

H.P. Blavatsky's purpose in the third part of "Cosmogenesis" is to lead the reader to the bottom of kosmic manifestation and then upwards to the "living, intelligent, invisible Power" as the "conscious cause" of all "sense-born phenomenon."

  1. (Chapter X). THE COMING FORCE: In The Secret Doctrine 1:556, the "unknowable absoluteness of SAT--'Be-ness'" operates as the negative pole in the twelve-fold Kosmos. Manifested matter operates as the positive pole in the twelve-fold Kosmos. The negative pole is attracted to the positive pole or there would be no radiation from the immaculate white disk. The evolving entities at the positive pole must change their polarity to return to the immaculate white disk. The highest part of each central body (whether a Central Sun, a Solar Sun, a planet, or even an atom) in a galaxy stretches up into the negative pole of the Kosmos. Therefore, the highest part of each central body feels an affection downwards to the positive pole. But each layer in the auric field of the central body vibrates in its descent at a different rate. For example, in a seven-fold Mundane Egg, Paramatman vibrates at a certain rate on the highest cosmic plane (7th). When Paramatman descends to the next lower cosmic plane (6th) it is still Paramatman but vibrating at a rate that is consonant with life in Adi-Buddhi. Paramatman descends until it reaches the lowest cosmic plane of Sthula-Sarira. It is still Paramatman but vibrating at a rate that is consonant with life in the physical world. In order to picture this, all the sub-divisions of a cosmical plane and each of the cosmical principles in their descent must be considered. Combined, this is the cosmic Sutratman shown in G. de Purucker's diagram in Fountain-Source on page 437. A vortex is caused when a fluidic substance rotates at different speeds around the Sutratman line. A vortex is caused by faster speeds flowing over slower speeds. The vibrational rate of a central body creates force winds of differing speeds that establish a vortex. Unlike a wave which only transfers energy, a vortex transfers matter. This is how facets of Paramatman on the 7th cosmical plane are transported to the 1st cosmical plane. This process of transference involves different velocities of force winds. The distinction in velocities creates the plethora of forces on each of the seven cosmical planes. These are the "substantial" inner forces that H.P. Blavatsky referred to as impacting outer phenomena through "an actual and direct communication" in The Secret Doctrine 1:566. But a vortex cannot begin and end in the fluidic substance through which it flows. In a seven-fold system, this is why the vortex begins in Paramatman (7th cosmical principle) above the "waters" of Alaya (6th cosmical principle) and ends in Sthula-Sarira (1st cosmical principle) below the "waters" of the Astral Light (2nd cosmical principle). The waters of the Astral Light reach up into the waters of Alaya (Akasa). They share the same function of sustaining the vortex and so they are often spoken of interchangeably. The new forces exist in a blend of substance of evolving entities across the entire Mundane Egg. This is the idea behind John Keely's presentation on "vibrations" in The Secret Doctrine 1:562. He listed six categories of vibrations including 1) Inter-Aetheric 2) Aetheric 3) Inter-atomic 4) Atomic 5) Inter-molecular 6) Molecular. Then he gave each category a vibrational rate descending from Inter-Aetheric at its peak of 24,300,000,000 vibrations per second to Molecular at its base of 100,000,000 vibrations per second. What Keely is showing us is the operation of a vortex with distinct vibrational rates--including the evolving entities subsisting at those rates--overlapping and functioning together. This overlap establishes the distinction between the "CO-ADUNITION" of planetary globes and their lack of "CONSUBSTANTIALITY" in The Secret Doctrine 1:166. But Keely's six categories must be viewed in reverse (counter-intuitively) in order to understand the cosmic vortex. As G. de Purucker pointed out in Dialogues 2:80, a smaller central body like an atom has a quicker vibrational rate and an inferior amplitude. A larger central body like a planet or a sun has a slower vibrational rate and a superior amplitude. Therefore, the highest vibrational categories of Inter-Aetheric and Aetheric in Keely's presentation correspond to the "Primordial Stages" of Aetheric and Etheric in the diagram in Fountain-Source on page 196. This means that the molecule, a larger central body, has a lower vibrational rate than the atom. A planet or a sun would measure even less. Since the Inter-Aetheric and Aetheric link up as transition categories to a separate world system outside of physical Praktiti as we know it, H.P. Blavatsky warned that no higher vibrational rates could be provided that relate to "our plane." With lower vibrational rates among the planets/suns and higher vibrational rates among the Atomic/Aetheric components, a classic vortex is established with the funnel gaining speed as it tunnels down and coarsens into physical matter (since vortices spin faster at the bottom, not the top). H.P. Blavatsky summed up the idea in The Secret Doctrine 1:566, "There is a transcendental set of causes put in motion--so to speak--in the occurrence of these phenomena, which, not being in relation to our narrow range of cognition, can only be traced to their source and their nature, and understood by the Spiritual faculties of the Adept." All of life is filled with "coming forces" interacting with the new immaterial and material entities introduced onto their respective planes created by the contrasting velocities revolving around the Sutratman line threading downwards along the backbone of the Cosmos.


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(Photo by Darwin Vegher on Unsplash)


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