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Volume 1:506-554

H.P. Blavatsky proceeded with her examination of light as microcosmic substances in Chapters VI, VII, VIII, and IX in the third part of "Cosmogenesis."

  1. (Chapter VI). THE MASKS OF SCIENCE: In The Secret Doctrine 1:509 and 1:514, light and electricity are "spiritual secretions" of a "supersensuous" nature from Ether. But these secretions are never completely detached from it. The ethereal substance becomes the force holding together the components of Cicero's "globe." This Ether is "subjective" to human beings but a "TRANSCENDENTALLY OBJECTIVE SUBSTANCE" on the physical plane. H.P. Blavatsky explained in The Secret Doctrine 1:515 that the "totality of the Seven Rays spread through the solar system" constitute the "physical Upadhi (basis) of the Ether of Science." Beyond the Ether is the Aether of Occultism or Akasa. In this placement, Ether stands to our physical realm as Mahat to the Mundane Egg. Light carries the logoic forces of the macrocosm into the microcosm. As such, the Moon, as the recipient of the solar rays, becomes the "deity of the mind" since it conveys the spiritual influence of Amitabha and Avalokitesvara. In his Collected Writings 2:416, T. Subba Row divided the first of the seven solar rays into two parts: 1) the "permanent element" 2) the "indwelling Divine Presence." The Amitabha aspect is the "permanent element." The Avalokitesvara aspect is the "indwelling Divine Presence." Avalokitesvara, corresponding to Ether, appears subjective to humanity, but it is objective in the sense that Amitabha, corresponding to Aether, is the true subjective aspect of light. This combination of "element" and "Presence" in light enflames man's mind from the interior.

  2. (Chapter VII). AN ATTACK ON THE SCIENTIFIC THEORY OF FORCE BY A MAN OF SCIENCE: Light is a substance flying through Space from the Solar Sun along the microcosmic channels of the physical realm. It possesses an affinity to matter. In The Secret Doctrine 1:527-528, "Ether and the elastic atoms are, in the alleged mechanical conception of the Universe, the Spirit and Soul of Kosmos." An atom is the soul that attracts the spirit. In the same way that the macrocosmic Avalokitesvara is attracted to the Mundane Egg, the microcosmic Avalokitesvara is attracted to an elastic atom.

  3. (Chapter VIII). LIFE, FORCE, OR GRAVITY: H.P. Blavatsky delineated the relationship between microcosm and macrocosm in The Secret Doctrine 1:536. She summarized, "The whole range of physical phenomenon proceed from the Primary of Ether--Akasa, as dual-natured Akasa proceeds from undifferentiated Chaos, so-called, the latter being the primary aspect of Mulaprakriti, the root-matter, and the first abstract Idea one can form of Parabrahman." Further, "Modern Science may divide its hypothetically conceived ether in as many ways as it likes; the real Aether of Space will remain as it is throughout." Compared to the Aether of a single Mundane Egg, the Ether, in continuing to eject its spiritual secretions into matter, appears to be endlessly dividing.

  4. (Chapter IX). THE SOLAR THEORY: H.P. Blavatsky outlined these near-endless divisions of Ether in The Secret Doctrine 1:548. Regarding these divisions, G. de Purucker wrote in his Occult Glossary on page 13 that "the ultimates of nature are atoms on the material side and monads on the energy side." That is, each microcosmic secretion from Ether is dual. In observing this duality, H.P. Blavatsky suggested that the terms "Molecule," "atom," and "particle" could be replaced by the terms "Hosts," "Monads," and "Devas." But one must read between the lines here. She is really proposing multiple ideas: 1) the "Hosts" are the spiritual side of the substantive "Molecule" 2) the "Monads" are the spiritual side of the substantive "atom" 3) the "Devas" are the spiritual side of the substantive "particle." The particle as a photon is the objective side of the subjective intelligence of a Deva from the Solar Sun which transfers its energies to the "Monad" of an atom. This "Monad" of the atom is an evolving elemental entity which, as a member of a cluster of atoms, operates as the spiritual essence of the molecules. The molecules build the physical body as an intersectional highway of microcosmic forces.


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(Photo by Norbert Kowalczyk on Unsplash)


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