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Volume 1:289-299

This survey of "Summing Up" closes with a review of "EXTRACTS FROM A PRIVATE COMMENTARY." The Private Commentary does not deal with the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Logos since it "does not refer to Prakriti-Purusha beyond the boundaries of our small universe." The "small universe" is the Mundane Egg in G. de Purucker's diagram in Fountain-Source on page 437. Further, the Private Commentary is written from the perspective of the solar system, where Aditi corresponds to the 7th cosmical principle and the Solar Sun as Marttanda corresponds to the 6th cosmical principle, as described in The Secret Doctrine 1:527.

  1. (xvii): The "Initial Existence in the first twilight of the Maha-Manvantara" is a "CONSCIOUS SPIRITUAL QUALITY" because it is Aditi as the reflection in the Mundane Egg of the bare subjectivity of Mulaprakriti. She feeds on the conscious experiences of the cosmic suns in her womb. In her "OBJECTIVE SUBJECTIVITY" she is like the "film from a Divine Breath to the gaze of the entranced seer"--the hazy background of the underbelly of darkness obscuring any brilliant light. It is this hazy background that begins to move in the eyes of the seer, which is why it "spreads." The hazy background is an "exhalation or smoke, neither black nor white, but colorless," per Isis Unveiled 2:212. It issues from "LAYA" because the Laya-center is the closing phase of the previous Maha-Manvantara. It is on the "SEVENTH PLANE, and in the SEVENTH STATE in our planetary world" because the Private Commentary begins just after the Mundane Egg has been tinctured by the central point.

  2. (xviii): Aditi is a "Substance." How else could she carry the cosmic suns in the circulations of her womb?

  3. (xix): Aditi builds the solar system because the Solar Sun is her vehicle. Her "pristine purity" is found "between" the solar systems because a solar system re-enters her womb each time it dies. Those in "LAYA" rest in her "bosom" because they have not yet been sent forth as cosmic comets into her spatial expanse. Her bosom is full. There is no "void Space" in her womb, meaning she is the Maya of conventional reality.

  4. (xx): As matter, Aditi is "septenary." The Solar Sun, as her "visible reflection," exhibits itself on the "lowest state of the seventh" but in the "highest state of the Universal PRESENCE," or the lofty sub-planes of the lowest cosmic plane in the Mundane Egg. Here, the "Central physical or objective Suns" are mere "REFLECTIONS of their PRIMARIES." That is, the quality of Paramatman in the Central Suns on the Satya-loka/Atala cosmic plane (the "Primaries") has unrolled itself into the receptacle of Sthula-Sarira on the Bhur-loka/Patala cosmic plane (the "Reflections"). Only the "Dhyan Chohans, whose Corporeal substance belongs to the fifth division of the seventh Principle of the Mother substance" can gaze at the true nature of these "PRIMARIES." This fifth division of Dhyani-Chohans is the manifested Purusha-Prakriti of our "small universe" in Janar-loka/Sutala, not the Purusha-Prakriti of the Kosmos.

  5. (xxi): The "real substance of the concealed (Sun) is a nucleus of mother substance" because the Solar Sun is her vehicle.

  6. (xxiii): The Solar Sun is described with the "seven classes of being" in its "orb" only when he is viewed as independent from his mother Aditi and an "individual Entity in his own Kingdom," per The Secret Doctrine 1:527.

  7. (xxv): The "Seven Beings in the Sun" as the "Seven Holy Ones" who are "Self-born" from the "inherent powers in the matrix of Mother substance" are the spiritual consciousness energies delivered from the Central Sun.

  8. (xxvi): The entire "physical universe" gravitates towards the Central Sun as the "manifested centre--cosmically" of the "One manifested life--itself a reflection of the Absolute."

  9. (xxvii): Aditi manifests in the Solar Suns in "seven states," which are the "FORTY-NINE Fires." These 49 "Fires" correspond to a solar Manvantara (the 7 re-embodiments of the Earth-chain) in a solar system. Also, these "Fires" are the 49 solar forces from a seven-fold Central Sun, per Fundamentals on page 527. The "Fires" are embedded into humanity by the seven Dhyani-Buddhas of the Round cycles.

  10. (xxix): Aditi drops into the lowest sub-planes in Bhur-loka/Patala, consolidating its "LAST principle as GROSS MATTER." In a series of "Wheels" in the descent through each cosmic plane she "revolves" around herself to infuse her subjectivity into the "hierarchy." Stretching from highest to lowest, Aditi is the "Serpent biting its own tail." The "four higher principles" of Aditi contain the "germ" that "develops into the Cosmic Gods" (the Central Suns, the Polar Suns, the Equatorial Suns, and the Solar Suns). The evolutionary impulse of these "Cosmic Gods" awakens the mineral, plant, animal, and human life waves on the planetary chains. The "breath" of Aditi gives Atman and then Buddhi to human beings (in a veiled hint, the Private Commentary reminded the reader that the Solar Sun, when considered as Aditi's vehicle, can only "erroneously" be called the "seventh"). Then Aditi furnishes humanity with "MIND." The "FORTY-NINE Fires" of the Solar Suns now reside in mankind.


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