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Volume 1:2-7

The Kosmos, as a twelve-fold universe, is "ONE LIFE." The "universal soul" as the central point possesses motion within it. The "Great Breath" of the immaculate white disk blows "ITSELF" out from the black hole into the new secondary universe of manifestation and provides motion to the ALL outside of it. This central point is the moving "FIRE," both inwardly as the vibration of the potential point in the immaculate white disk and outwardly as a Cosmic Monad that spins off from itself the worlds of manifestation in the Mundane Egg. The motion within the central point is referred to as "Intra-Cosmic motion" whereas the motion outside the central point is referred to as "cosmic motion." The central point reigns over the Cosmos as the new secondary universe in a seven-fold sense, not the Kosmos in its twelve-fold sense. That is, the central point rules over numerous universal solar systems stretching across "seven planes of being," per Purucker's Fundamentals of the Esoteric Philosophy on page 522.

In H.P. Blavatsky's illustration in The Secret Doctrine 1:5, the central point emerges along the plane of the immaculate white disk and transforms into a horizontal line, a diameter symbolizing "immaculate Mother-Nature" within the "all embracing absolute Infinitude." This diameter symbolizes the dull black ground traversed by the central point. The dull black ground is described as within "absolute Infinitude" because there are layers of the universe beyond it.

When the central point emerges from the dull black ground in The Secret Doctrine 1:7, it takes on the name of Brahma or Isvara, the "male-female potency" (containing within it Parabrahman and Mulaprakriti as Father-Mother) ruling over the secondary "manifested Universe." For that secondary universe, this is the "manifested WORD or Logos." If one reviews G. de Purucker's diagram in Fountain-Source on page 437, this manifested Word or Logos corresponds to the radiating circle. It is the third in order and can be called the 3rd Logos. In comparison, Parabrahman is the first in order and can be called the 1st Logos while Mulaprakriti is the second in order and can be called the 2nd Logos. Please note that Paramatman is only the "First or Unmanifest Logos" for the material realms within the Mundane Egg.


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