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Volume 2:138-148

In the second part of the Sixth Stanza, H.P. Blavatsky introduced the sequence of "DELUGES" that destroyed each Root-Race. To trace these oceanic cataclysms it is necessary to examine the components of a Root-Race. Using an 8,640,000 year cycle as his general basis for the length of the main kernel in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Root-Races, G. de Purucker in Fundamentals on page 295 divided a Root-Race into seven Sub-Races of approximately 1,270,000 years each. Then he divided a Sub-Race into seven Family Races of approximately 181,500 years each. Further, he divided a Family Race into seven National Races of approximately 25,920 years each. Following up, he divided a National Race into seven Tribal Races of approximately 3,700 years each. Finally, he divided a Tribal Race into seven Tribal Generations of approximately 500 years each. These are not the real numbers nor does the main kernel of a nine million year cycle necessarily begin with the 1st Sub-Race of the Root-Race. We know this because the calculations for the main kernel of the Lemurian Root-Race begin with the closing period in the 5th Sub-Race of the Third Root-Race some eighteen million years ago, per The Secret Doctrine 2:69 and 2:715. Nevertheless, it is crucial to have a sense of these components of a Root-Race in order to understand The Secret Doctrine.

A discussion of the deluges begins with the Hindu goddess, Ila. She is able to change her gender, so she is also known as the male god, Sudyumna. This demonstrates that Ila is androgynous and places her in the Third Root-Race. As such, H.P. Blavatsky started with the Seed-Manu of the 7th Sub-Race in the Third Root-Race, or Chackchuska, per The Secret Doctrine 2:309. This Seed-Manu links himself up with the Root-Manu of the following Root-Race, or the Fourth Root-Race as Vaivasvata. But the transfer of energies between a Seed-Manu of one Root-Race and the Root-Manu of the subsequent Root-Race does not exist in a vacuum. These energies are full of life. G. de Purucker explained under the sub-heading of "Manu" in his Encyclopedic Theosophical Glossary, "The difference between root-and seed-manus being that the root-manus are really the seed-manus plus the most evolved monads of the life-waves reaching the globe first, conjoining with the seed-manus and thus slightly modifying things." So, Ila is the combination of the Third Root-Race Seed-Manu with all these evolved Monads as the energy of Fourth Root-Race life incarnating on the Earth globe. This combination awakens the Fourth Root-Race Root-Manu, or Vaivasvata, to receive the incoming energy and distribute it with a specific vibration into the consciousnesses of the future incarnating Monads. If successful, the incarnating Monads express the fullness of this specific vibration when the Root-Race reaches its mid-point in the 4th Sub-Race. The "primitive" Root-Manu from the 1st Sub-Race can only be considered to be completely embodied at this mid-point. There is a lot taking place between the 7th Sub-Race of the Third Root-Race and the 4th Sub-Race of the Fourth Root-Race. Ila is Vaivasvata's wife because she takes his hand in conjoining the Third and Fourth Root-Races; she is his daughter because she is the host of evolved Monads displaying Fourth Root-Race energies. In The Secret Doctrine 2:147, Ila can be represented in many different phases of human evolution, or "first represented as one thing and then as another." She can be a Root-Race, a Sub-Race, and so forth. Vaivasvata can also be represented in many different phases of human evolution. There is a series of Vaivasvata Manus.

In dealing with the theme of deluges, H.P. Blavatsky sought to delineate the oceanic cataclysms pertaining to the "Noah" of the Fourth Root-Race during the rule of Vaivasvata. Now, each Root-Race has its oceanic cataclysms, whether caused by subterranean fires or a shift in the tilt of the Earth's axis exacerbated by the movement of deep-sea waters. G. de Purucker outlined in Fundamentals on page 352 how fire destroyed the First and Third Root-Races while water destroyed the Second and Fourth Root-Races. Regarding the destruction of the First Root-Race, subterranean fires threw up the extended land masses around the North Pole. With the destruction of the Second Root-Race, the extension of some of the Hyperborean land masses southwards away from the North Pole buckled and collapsed as the fabric of the Earth stretched and expanded at the equator, thereby sinking the terra firma of earlier Sub-Races under the waters of the ocean. As to the Third and Fourth Root-Races in The Secret Doctrine 2:762, "Lemuria, destroyed by submarine fires, and Atlantis submerged by the waves, perished in the ocean deeps." In the Third Root-Race, Vaivasvata watched when the remaining continents of Lemuria were demolished by these submarine fires, and so he decided to save the Fourth Root-Race in its early evolutionary progress some eight to twelve million years ago. He also watched the destruction of the Fourth Root-Race and helped save the Fifth Root-Race in its early evolutionary progress over the last four to five million years.

In The Secret Doctrine 2:710, H.P. Blavatsky asserted that the "Tertiary Atlantean part-cycle, from the 'apex of glory' of that Race in the early Eocene to the great mid-Miocene cataclysm, would appear to have lasted some 3.5 to four million years." Purucker clarified in Studies on page 24 that the bulk of continental Atlantis sank at its "central point" starting "some four or five million years gone--the time of the prime of the material height of the civilizations of Atlantis." In a general way, this event corresponds to the 4th Sub-Race of the Fourth Root-Race. But the continental and island sinking did not permanently stop. The island of Ruta, connected to the original "White Island" of the Hyperborean regions that stretched out into the Pacific Ocean, sank some 850,000 years ago, per The Secret Doctrine 2:147. Then the island of Daitya, resting in the Indian Ocean below current-day Sri Lanka, sank some 270,000 years ago, per The Secret Doctrine 1:651. Finally, Poseidonis, adjacent to modern-day Ireland and Spain, sank some 12,000 years ago, per The Secret Doctrine 2:124. What do these subsequent sinkings represent? These three subsequent sinkings represent the march of the Fourth Root-Race towards its 7th Sub-Race and disastrous aftermath. We must not forget G. de Purucker's advice in Studies on page 486 that a "geological racial catastrophe" reaches its "maximum" at the end of a cycle. In Letter 23B in The Mahatma Letters on page 154, Mahatma K.H. stated that the majority of mankind belong to "the seventh sub-race of the fourth Root race" (Chinese, Malayans, Mongolians, Tibetans, Javanese) and "remnants of other sub-races of the fourth--and the seventh sub-race of the third race." The humanities that perished on Ruta, Daitya, and Poseidonis consisted largely of the 5th, 6th, and 7th Sub-Races of the Fourth Root-Race. Obviously, some Fifth Root-Race humanities in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Sub-Races of the Fifth Root-Race perished as well. But Vaivasvata carried the Fifth Root-Race to safety since it is described as coming-of-age some one million years ago (with its origins reaching into the Atlantean "apex of glory" in the Eocene) and watching the doom of the "giant Atlanteans" on Ruta, Daitya, and Poseidonis, per The Secret Doctrine 2:433-435.


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