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An "immaculate white disk" exists within a "dull black ground." A "central point" arises potentially in the immaculate white disk and manifests actively. This three-fold combination represents the heart of a single galaxy, a "divine Unity."

When the immaculate white disk is referred to as the "Kosmos in Eternity," it transcends a single galaxy. It is the combination of all observable and unobservable galaxies in the twelve-fold universe prior to any particular central point vibrating itself into manifested existence. There are trillions of these galaxies.

When a central point arises potentially within the immaculate white disk, this signifies the figurative division of the "Kosmos in Eternity" into a "periodical Kosmos." In its earliest "germ" stage, this occurs during the Maha-Pralaya following the previous Maha-Manvantara or Great Age of approximately 311 trillion years. The arising of the potential point is the "dawn" of differentiation because it precedes the upcoming Maha-Manvantara of 311 trillion years when the potential point becomes actively manifested.

The central point actively emerges along the "plane" of the immaculate white disk and into the dull black ground. Its shining light breaks through the darkness to begin a new Maha-Manvantara for a secondary "Universe, the ALL, the boundless" within a galaxy. The central point carries the "Divine Thought" of the immaculate white disk and establishes the "periodical Kosmos" in the "Mundane Egg." This "Mundane Egg" comprises a secondary universe or Cosmos as the seven lower layers of a twelve-fold primary universe or Kosmos.

To understand this more clearly, one can see G. de Purucker's diagram of the Kosmic structure in Fountain-Source of Occultism on page 437. Here, he outlined a ten-fold galaxial system in which the two upper layers of the twelve-fold primary universe are enfolded within Parabrahman. Parabrahman corresponds to the immaculate white disk, Mulaprakriti corresponds to the dull black ground, and the drawing of a radiating circle corresponds to the central point, where H.P. Blavatsky's "one circle" is the divine unity of this three-fold triad.

In looking at our physical universe, the immaculate white disk exists beyond the black hole at the center of a galaxy. The dull black ground is the black hole which covers its light. The central point provides the momentum to break through the darkness of the black hole and establish the various Central Suns in their universal (visible and invisible) solar systems.


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(Photo by Guillermo Ferla on Unsplash)


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